Take Action: More Urgency on Housing Affordability

Housing affordability is the number one issue in Canada right now and the federal government is beginning to listen. 

They’ve recently announced a number of measures based on the National Housing Accord that will help get more homes built and ultimately restore affordability. 

But they aren’t moving with enough urgency. 

As another cold, harsh winter approaches, more Canadians than ever before will be homeless. Every day, people are making decisions about whether to afford rent or food. And the dream of homeownership continues to slip even further away. 

But we have the government listening now. We just need to keep the pressure on them and push them to move faster to implement all the recommendations of the National Housing Accord. 

Will you email the Prime Minister, Finance Minister and Housing Minister and ask that they increase the urgency of their work to address the housing crisis and implement the full recommendations of the National Housing Accord ahead of the next budget?