Email your MP: Support the Housing Accord

***Update (Sept.  15): The campaign has its first win! The federal government has announced that effective immediately, the GST on the construction of new purpose-built rental buildings will be eliminated. 

Canada’s housing crisis continues to worsen.

Millions of people – particularly those with the lowest incomes – are facing rapidly rising housing costs, driven significantly by a lack of supply of the right types of rental housing. This is driving a wave of new homelessness, eating up increasing percentages of workers’ incomes and causing untold stress and suffering.  

A newly proposed National Housing Accord would provide a clear path to housing affordability and reduce homelessness in the country.  

Send a message now to your MP, the Prime Minister, Minister of Housing and Minister of Finance and demand they support this new housing initiative and stop Canada’s homeless crisis.  

To get out of its current housing crisis and realize its commitment to the Right to Housing, Canada needs to build 5.8 million sustainable homes by 2030, 2 million of which must be rental units. While the government alone cannot build so many homes, it can enact policies and legislation for enough housing to be built.

The National Housing Accord is a multi-sector approach to ending Canada’s rental housing disaster developed by experts in the private and non-profit sectors to restore rental housing affordability by tripling home building in Canada and fixing the rental market.  

Tell the government of Canada that the lack of housing affordability and homelessness is no longer acceptable and that we need the innovative solutions proposed in the National Housing Accord.